What’s the Best Wood for Furniture?

In what has been a frankly bizarre ten months and counting, we’ve found ourselves having to spend more time in our homes than we’ve ever done before. 

But rather than creating a feeling of entrapment, for many of us, the sight of the same four walls each day has become a means of escapism and a rare opportunity to transform our living space.

Similarly, timber is becoming ever more popular in and around the home thanks to its wonderful and warm aesthetics that create a real feeling of magical, rustic charm.

If you’re planning to give your home a stylish makeover, you might find this handy guide to using wood for furniture to be of use. Read on to learn more!

Types of wooden furniture

From grand wardrobes to flooring, it’s fair to say that – to some degree at least – wooden furnishings have always been popular. But in recent years the demand for traditional furniture pieces has gone through the roof, with more and more of us taking inspiration from Scandinavian design and looking to add some rustic character to our living space. It’s easy to see why too.

Where glass tables were once in demand, now simple-yet-stylish wooden table and bench sets are all the range and oak beams form stunning mantle pieces. 

In fact, timber can be used to transform just about every room in the house through various pieces of furniture and furnishings. including:

What wood is good for furniture?

There are various types of wood used for furniture, so the best wood for any one piece really depends on budget and purpose. However, the most common hardwoods used for furniture production are oak, mahogany, maple and walnut, with beech also popular.

These woods are popular for furniture due to their durability, strength and resistance to decay. Oak, maple, beech, and walnut all have excellent staining qualities which makes it easier to achieve the desired finish, while mahogany is commonly used for cabinet making as it keeps its shape well.

However, the price of hardwood can put some people off, but it’s worth noting that some softwoods are equally useful. Fir, pine and spruce are probably the most popular softwoods used for furniture due to their quick growth and accessibility.

What are the best hardwood floors?

Timber flooring is also common in many households nowadays with many people seeking alternatives to carpets. There are various reasons for this, but one of the key factors is that timber floorboards are easier to keep clean which is a major plus, particularly in homes with pets.

Oak is again a popular choice of wooden flooring material with both European and American oak floorboards available, with Maple and Cherry again the other common favourites. Again, this comes down to durable qualities combined with an attractive appearance.

And while this can be more expensive than other alternatives such as laminate flooring, solid oak flooring can last decades – even hundreds of years – with very little maintenance, and can be stained to achieve the desired aesthetics.

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