Ekki is very durable and very resistant to decay; it is one of Africa’s most durable woods. Moderately resistant to attack by termites in Africa and extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

Strength Class = D60;
Weight per m3 12% m.c. = 950-1100 Kg;
Modulus of elasticity 12% m.c. = 18500 N/mm2;
Durability = Durable.

Mechanical Properties:

This exceptionally heavy density wood, has very high bending and crushing strength, and high stiffness and resistance to shock loads. It is probably too tough for steam bending.


It is extremely refractory and dries very slowly with severe splitting and possible distortion, notably surface checking and end splitting. Should be piled very carefully. Large movement in service.


  • Suitable for heavy construction, all marine work, wharves, bridge building and decking, railway sleepers, very heavy duty flooring
  • Also for rollers, wagon work and superior joinery
  • Its acid resistance makes it ideal for filter press plates and frames
  • A wider range of uses is limited by the difficulty of machining
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Dark red to deep chocolate-brown with conspicuous white deposits in the pores giving a speckled appearance. Grain is usually interlocked, and the texture coarse and uneven. Weight 950-1120 kg/m³ (59-70 lb/ft³), averaging 1025 kg/m³ (64 lb/ft³); specific gravity 1.02.

Additional information

Latin Name

Lophira alata

Family Name



Tropical West Africa