Perishable. Sapwood liable to attack by powder post beetle; non-resistant to termites in West Africa. Permeable to preservation treatment. Timber requires rapid extraction and conversion to be in a clean condition, free from stain and insect damage.

Mechanical Properties:

Koto has medium bending strength and crushing strength, medium-low resistance to shock loads and low stiffness with a very poor steam bending classification.


Koto dries fairly rapidly with a tendency for some surface checking, shakes, or moderate cupping to occur. It needs to be dried quickly to avoid staining. There is medium movement in service.


  • Koto is used as core stock for plywood manufacture and as a backing veneer for plywood panels
  • Suitable as substitute for breech or ramin in furniture manufacture, interior joinery and carpentry, and general utility timber for interior work, boxes, crates etc
  • Selected logs sliced for decorative veneer
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Koto’s heartwood is creamy-white in colour with a greyish tint. The grain is interlocked with small knot clusters present in some logs. The texture is moderately coarse. Quartered surfaces reveal a striking flecked figure due to the high rays. The weight is variable from 530-750 kg/m³ (33-47 lb/ft³) with the average for 650 kg/m³ (41 lb/ft³); specific gravity .65.

Additional information

Latin Name

Pterygota bequaertii

Family Name



Nigeria and Cameroon Republic

Also know as

Pterygota, African; ware, awari (Ghana); kefe, poroposo (Nigeria)