Thermo Ayous


Thermo-Ayous is extremely durable and accepts stains very well. Non-ferrous or galvanised metals should be used. The wood is resistant to rot and fungi due to the lack of moisture from the heat-treating process.

Mechanical Properties:

In terms of seasoning, there is minimum movement in service. This is because the heat treating process dries out the wood and removes the resin moisture. This means it won’t react to changes in humidity and will retain its shape.


  • Glass house and shed construction
  • Shingles
  • Interior finishing
  • Exterior boarding and cladding
  • Beehive construction
  • Poles, posts and fences
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Thermo-Ayous is a heat-treated hardwood. Ayous is a light coloured African hardwood. It is created using a chemical-free, heat-treating process. The appearance and colour of the wood largely depend on the amount of time the wood spends in the kiln. Generally the longer the heat exposure, the darker the colour of the wood. The timber is clear and virtually knot free.

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