Got a Question?

At Whitmore’s we appreciate that not everyone knows everything, but what we do know is a lot, and we’re here to help. We may not have the answer to everything, but here’s a start which will hopefully help.

Click on any question and find the answer. Simple!

If you can’t find an answer to your query here, please ring our friendly staff on 01455 209 121 for Sawn Timber or 01606 555500 for Machined Timber or drop us an email at

When are you open?

Our offices are open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Who do I talk to when I call?

Our staff are fully trained to make sure you get through to the right person who will offer you the right advice and support.

Is there a minimum charge or quantity?

We don’t believe in minimum charges, the smallest quantity that can be ordered is one complete board.

Do you sell offcuts?

Yes, we have an offcuts shed on site that you’re more than welcome to rummage through.

Do you deliver?

We deliver to many areas of the country once or twice a week, to find out when we’re out near you next just give us a call on 01455 209 121.

What’s the difference between hardwood and softwood?

The botanical differences between a hardwood and softwood is that hardwood is deciduous and carries leaves whilst a softwood is coniferous and carries cones.

How do I know what species to use?

Choosing the correct species for the job can be difficult, if in doubt you can contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to recommend a timber suitable for purpose.

Can I fit hardwood flooring, decking or worktops myself?

Yes, a competent DIY enthusiast should be able to fit any of our products, however, if in doubt we recommend that you seek help from a local carpenter.

Does using timber have implications on the environment?

The timber industry is very forward thinking, where possible our timber is sourced from sustainable and well-managed forests to ensure the survival of the forests and the industry. To find out more information then please read our environmental policy.

Do you sell firewood?

Yes. Our mill waste is bundled into stillages which are approximately a ton in weight, these retail at £125 plus VAT*

We also sell bagged firewood for £10 plus VAT*

*VAT on stillages for domestic/fuel use is 5%

VAT on stillages for commercial use is 20%