The heartwood is very durable and moderately resistant to preservative treatment.

Mechanical Properties:

The timber has excellent strength properties especially in bending and crushing strengths, with medium resistance to shock loads and stiffness.


Dries fairly rapidly and very well with a minimum of degrade. The movement is exceptionally small in service.


  • This attractive wood has high strength properties, durability and outstanding stability and is deal for high-class joinery, furniture and cabinetmaking
  • Also for fancy turnery and carvings, tool and knife handles, spirit levels, paddles and oars, and agricultural implements
  • It has a high resistance to abrasion and makes and excellent heavy-duty flooring timber, also suitable for floors where under-floor heating has been installed because of dimensional stability
  • Selected logs are sliced to form very attractive decorative veneers
  • Renowned as a dye wood
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The heartwood is a vivid blood red, toning down to dark purple-brown with red streaks upon exposure. The grain is straight to interlocked with a moderately coarse texture. Weight varies from 640-800 kg/m³ (40-50 lb/ft³), average 720 kg/m³ (45 lb/ft³); specific gravity .72.

Additional information

Latin Name

Pterocarpus soyauxii

Family Name



Central and West Tropical Africa

Also know as

Camwood, barwood (UK); corail (Belgium)