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European Oak Beams

Air-Dried Oak Beams Available to Buy Online

With stunning natural aesthetics alongside strong and robust structural qualities, oak beams and posts are a great way to add character to any project, from home decor to building projects of all sizes. At Whitmore’s Timber, we offer a wide range of oak beams for sale to suit projects and requirements of all sizes, with shipping available across the UK. Our oak beams and skeepers have produced with care for maxiumum strength and robustness. We offer a various grades to suit your project needs, including  fresh sawn and air-dried oak beams.

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Constructional Oak Beams & Posts

Our oak beams have been used for a number of spectacular high-profile builds and projects across the UK. We supplied oak beams for the magnificent restoration of Abbey Barn in Glastonbury, for example, as well as the iconic Inn The Park R, in St James’ Park in London.

Our constructional oak beams are used in building restoration, new construction projects, flooring, sea defences, rivers, canals, as well as boatbuilding, fencing and gates. We stock an extensive range of hardwood oak beams, in lengths up to 50 ft suitable for churches, inns, and country houses. From public projects to your own grand design of whatever scale, our oak beams offer unparalleled quality.

As well as offering oak beams to buy separately, we also stock a wide selection of solid oak framed building kits for sale, including gazebos and pergolas, and garages, porches and workshops.

Enhance Your Home with Rustic Oak Beams

Oak beams aren’t just for larger building projects, they’re also a great for creating rustic furniture and furnishings that will add character and charm to your home, all without compromising on beautiful aesthetics. Common domestic uses of oak beams include fireplace mantels and frames, as well as various types of worktop, from kitchens to garage workshops. Ceiling beams are another popular use in homes with higher ceilings for those favouring a more traditional appearance.

The robust qualities of solid oak beams also make them suitable for outdoor applications, from gazebos and wooden planters for the garden to gate posts for driveways and larger areas of land.

Oak Beam Grades

We keep extensive stocks of QPA grade European oak beams in various thicknesses from 26mm to 400mm. Our available oak timber posts are available in various dimensions,  including common oak beam sizes such as 150mm x 150mm and 100mm x 100mm. We currently keep the following dimensional oak beam sections in our yard at Claybrooke Magna:

600mm x 600mm
500mm x 500mm
400mm x 400mm
350mm x 350mm
300mm x 300mm

250mm x 300mm
250mm x 250mm
225mm x 225mm
200mm x 300mm
200mm x 250mm

200mm x 200mm
180mm x 180mm
150mm x 200mm
150mm x 150mm
120mm x 200mm

120mm x 120mm
100mm x 300mm
100mm x 200mm
100mm x 150mm
100mm x 100mm

*All of the oak beams in stock have been drying for a minimum of 3 years.


Oak Grading

BS:5754 (2007)

Strength Class
Species D30 D40

It must be noted that there are section limitations on each strength class which are strictly adhered to.

TH1 & TH2 This strength class is available for temperate hardwoods, however the thickness must be less than 100mm and the cross-section must be less than 2,000m2

THA & THB – This strength class is available for temperate hardwoods with a thickness greater than 100mm and a cross-section greater than 20,000m2

Please note – TH1 is a higher grade than TH2, likewise THA is a higher grade than THB.

Should you require it, our graders are full trained to visually grade both temperate and tropical hardwood timber to meet the requirements of BS:5756(2007).

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