European Oak Beams

With stunning natural aesthetics alongside strong and robust structural qualities oak beams and posts are a great way to add character to any project, from home decor to building projects of all sizes.

At Whitmore’s Timber, we offer a wide range of oak beams for sale to suit projects and requirements of all sizes, with shipping available across the UK. Our oak beams and sleepers have produced with care for maximum strength and robustness.

Our oak beams have been used for a number of spectacular high-profile builds and projects across the UK. We supplied oak beams for the magnificent restoration of Abbey Barn in Glastonbury, for example, as well as the iconic Inn The Park R, in St James’ Park in London.

Our constructional oak beams are used in building restoration, new construction projects, flooring, sea defences, rivers, canals, as well as boatbuilding, fencing and gates. We stock an extensive range of hardwood oak beams, in lengths up to 50 ft suitable for churches, inns, and country houses. From public projects to your own grand design of whatever scale, our oak beams offer unparalleled quality.

As well as offering oak beams to buy separately, we also stock a wide selection of solid oak framed building kits for sale, including gazebos and pergolas, and garages, porches and workshops.


  • Air Dried Oak Beams

    Air dried is Oak beams are aged naturally over a period of time (usually years). As a result and testament to the natural seasoning process, air dried Oak usually has a weathered/aged appearance. The colour of the external timber is likely to range from silver to dark brown and splits and checks are present. Air Dried European Oak Beams weigh approximately 800-900 kg/m³.

  • Fresh Sawn Oak Beams

    Fresh Sawn Oak is bright yellow/golden colour but will weather to silver grey/brown over time. Fresh Sawn Oak weighs 1230 kg/m³.