Very durable and immune from insect or fungal attack. Extremely resistant to preservation treatment.

Strength Class = D70;
Weight per m3 12% m.c. = 880-995 Kg;
Modulus of elasticity 12% m.c. = 19000 N/mm2;
Durability = Very Durable.

Mechanical Properties:

Hard, heavy and very dense with a very high bending and crushing strength, and resistance to shock loads and high stiffness. Balau has a moderate steam bending classification requiring strong support on the outer face.


Balau timber dries very slowly with considerable degrade in thicker sizes, but distortion is not serious. Checking and splitting may be severe and existing shakes are liable to extend. Boards should be partially air dried before kilning. Movement is medium in service.


  • Heavy construction work
  • Bridge and wharf construction
  • Hardwood balau decking
  • Sleepers
  • Boats
  • Plywood
  • Veneer
  • General construction
  • Flooring
  • a number of other general utility purposes
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Balau’s heartwood is yellow-brown, varying to brown and dark reddish-brown, with an interlocked grain and a moderately fine and even texture. It has a coarse texture with medium to large pores and the grain is sometimes interlocked. The weight of balau averages 930 kg/m³ (58 lb/ft³); specific gravity .93.

Additional information

Latin Name

Shorea spp

Family Name



West Malaysia