Moderately durable, but non-durable when a high proportion of sapwood is present. It is very resistant to termites and extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

Mechanical Properties:

Very strong, hard and tough with a very good bending classification. Jatoba wood is rated as being very durable in regards to rot resistance, and is also resistant to termites and most other insects.


Rather difficult to dry,tends to be rapid with moderatesurface checking and warping and a liability to case harden. Slow drying will overcome these tendencies. There is small movement in service.


  • Jatoba is excellent for flooring, stair treads, ship planking, general woodworking joinery and building construction
  • Its high shock resistance and extreme hardness and strength makes it ideal for tool handles and sports goods
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Jatoba timber, also known as Brazilian cherry, has heartwood that is salmon red to orange-brown, marked with dark brown and russet brown streaks. The wood has a golden lustre. The grain is commonly interlocked with a medium to coarse texture. Weight 910kg/m³ (56lb/ft³); specific gravity .91.

Additional information

Latin Name

Hymenaea courbaril

Family Name



Central and South America and West Indies

Also know as

Jutaby, courbaril, jatai amerelo, jatai vermelho (Brazil); locust (Suriname); copal (Equador); marbre (Guadaloupe); guapinal (Mexico); algarrobo (Puerto Rico)