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Traditional furniture needs traditional material produced with care. So does the best modern furniture, whether handcrafted or mass produced. At Whitmore’s, we have the widest range of temperate hardwoods that are now the basis for most of today’s furniture. We select quality stock and offer a range of furniture grades in eighteen English hardwood species, as well as larch. From Continental Europe we now offer twelve species, and eight from North America. So the choice is yours. Whether you prefer standard or brown English oak, or oak from France or white oak from the United States, we have it in stock.


“When you need Oak, they have it any way you want it!”

Whitmore’s, according to renowned English furniture maker Phil Koomen, “have a different ethos. They are manufacturers and not just sellers, and because they process they understand the material better than most suppliers. When I first visited the yard in Claybrooke I was so impressed with the expertise of the measurers. When you need oak they have it any way you want!” Koomen is one of many fine furniture makers that rely on Whitmore’s full range of oak as well as many other species.


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