The Benefits of Timber Cladding – 2020 Guide

What is Timber Cladding?

Timber cladding is an exterior wooden layer attached to a building. It can improve a home’s aesthetic and protect against the weather conditions all while being highly sustainable.

If you’re looking to save on your heating bills in a sustainable and stylish way, then look no further. Timber cladding is the perfect option for you. Read on to discover just some of the plentiful benefits of wooden cladding.

1. Customisable & Aesthetically Pleasing

Timber is a warm comforting natural material that will never go out of fashion, especially in the cold wet climate of the UK where the blustery weather can often leave us with a craving for coziness. You can choose your cladding material from a wide range of different woods based on your own personal preferences of style and colour. This means you can really personalise the exterior of your home, be innovative and let your creative juices flow. The aesthetic qualities of timber convey warmth, well-being and comfortability. The addition of wooden cladding can rejuvenate the aesthetics and create a warm hygge environment at home.

2. Reduced Heating Costs

One common question we’re often asked is “does cladding improve insulation?” The short answer is yes; in addition to timber aesthetics conjuring images of warmth, timber cladding can help to contain the warmth of a home. The use of timber cladding in countries with colder winter climates – such as Finland and other Nordic countries – is testament to this timber cladding’s status as an ideal option for insulating your home, improving efficiency and cutting your heating bills. The wooden cladding will provide a barrier to outside weather, stop moisture from getting in, and  also not letting heat escape. This will help to cut heating bills and insulate your house appropriately.

3. Sustainable & Durable

Wood is a highly sustainable resource, it’s renewable and close to being CO2 neutral. Timber as a building material takes very little energy to produce. It’s a resource that is constantly reproducing and has no negative impacts on the environment, making it an eco-friendly option. Timber is also durable, long-lasting and weathers extremely well. As touched upon in point 2, it offers high resistance against harsh weather. Far from damaging impacting timber’s structuring qualities, the weathering process only serves to add to its character and creates an essence of rustic charm. With that said, timber grown in harsher climates will understandably be better equipped to withstand extreme weather, but simple treatments are available to help slow the aging process.

4. Simple Maintenance

So, if you were to get timber cladding, just how easy is the aforementioned maintenance process? Well, wooden cladding maintenance is really simple. Wood tries to balance its moisture levels with its surrounding environment, this means it will absorb water in wetter seasons and lose moisture during the dryer months. In that sense, it’s self-maintaining. However, it’s recommended that the timber cladding is inspected regularly and maintenance is performed every 1-5 years. Checking for cracks and mold or stains. Regular inspections will mean the wooden cladding will have a long healthy life. As long as this routine is kept, the maintenance of timber cladding is simple and easy.

5. Economical & Affordable

Often, it’s all too easy to find yourself put off the idea of carrying out dream renovations on your home by the prospect of a hefty price tag. Thankfully, the price of timber cladding is typically much more affordable than other building materials as a result of lower and more efficient production costs. Crucially, the timber frame construction process allows timber cladding to be cut into specific, bespoke lengths and profiles, leading to reduced waste level, reduced and more accurate quotes. Better still, at Whitmore’s, we have been manufacturing timber for over a century. In addition to our unrivaled levels of experience, we cut out the middle man and supply our timber directly to you, meaning you always enjoy the best price.

6. Fast & Easy Installations

Timber frame homes generally have much quicker installation times, minimising the level of intrusiveness that often comes hand in hand with construction work and renovations, and allowing you to enjoy your beautiful new cladding sooner. From a practical perspective, timber applications are much simpler in terms of skill level, while the lightweight qualities of timber also help to speed up the installation process. Together, all of this helps to further reduce costs.

7. Effective Sound Insulation

Timber-framed buildings are not just energy-efficient, but sound efficient too! Timber’s is one of the more sound-absorbent cladding materials, helping to significantly filter outside noises. So, whether you’re relaxing by the fire, enjoying a book or enjoying some well-deserved rest, a timber-clad exterior will enable you to indulge in a state of peacefulness.


What’s not to like about timber cladding! It’s aesthetically pleasing, cuts the cost of heating bills, is eco-friendly and easy to maintain.

If you’re looking to get timber cladding Whitmore offers an excellent range of woods and cuts to meet your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Or if you’re still wanting to find out more about timber cladding and the best options for you, we’ve also put together a handy guide that covers the best wood for external cladding in more depth. 

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