How Long Does External Cedar Cladding Last?

Cedar cladding, especially Western Red Cedar cladding, is more weather resistance than most timber (and many other materials too). This makes external cedar cladding a great choice for any building, from a small garage or structure to a entire house.

Typically, you can expect cedar cladding to last for 40-60 years.

How Does External Cedar Cladding Age?

Like all natural products, if left untreated, external cedar cladding will age over time. As it does, its appearance will change. Fortunately, although it is a matter of personal preference, most people agree that with timber cladding this only furthers enhances the aesthetic of the structure.

In most areas, certainly in the UK, untreated external cedar cladding will age and weather to a dark grey colour. Because the conditions that the timber will be subjected to (the amount of sun and moisture in particular) vary by so much in the UK, the appearance of aged cedar cladding may not be completely uniform. In dry climates, it will age to a more consistent silvery grey colour.

If you want your Western Red Cedar cladding to retain its original colour, you will need to treat it.

How to Care for Cedar Cladding

Because of naturally occuring chemicals in the hearwood, there’s no need to treat external cedar cladding. The material is resistant to decay in its raw form, and can last for many years with little attention.

Should you wish to for cosmetic reasons, cedar cladding accepts wood finishing products including stains, preservatives, oils and varnishes. You should apply any of these before fitting the cladding. Varnishes will need to be stripped and reapplied every ten years, while oil based finishes should be reapplied (but not stripped) each year.

If your goal is to preserve the original colour of your external cedar cladding, use a UV blocker. Cedar will still age under a non-UV blocking sealer.

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