Whitmore’s Timber Raises £200 for Local Under 12s Football Team

In early October, Glenn Beswick, one of the warehouse managers here at Whitmore’s Timber, braved the weather and successfully hiked up the 1,085 metres (3,560 ft) ascent to the top of Snowdon.

Reaching the summit of the highest mountain in Wales is no walk in the park, least of all in the middle of autumn when cloud cover is low and the rocky crags wet; good waterproof gear and a lot of determination were very much needed.

The staff here at Whitmore’s Timber dug deep to support Glenn’s efforts and cause, and together we managed to raise an additional £200 for him to give to the Winsford Diamonds under 12s football team.

The Winsford Diamonds are a local club to the Whitmore’s Timber timber yard, mill, and head office in Winsford, Cheshire. The team are fighting for the top position in the league, and we wish them all the best luck with their future fixtures.

As a timber company with a strong family ethos, everyone here at Whitmore’s Timber is proud to support the local community in this way and we’re extremely proud of Glenn and his group for completing the challenging walk.