Oak Flooring Grades Explained

Solid oak flooring comes in a number of different grades each of which can complement different styles of rooms and buildings. Equally at home in a modern build as a traditional room, oak flooring is an extremely versatile product. No other flooring material gives the same beautiful look or provides the same durability.

We produce three different grades of oak flooring to cater for a wide range of different looks. Our flooring is kiln-dried to have an average moisture content of 10 – 12% and comes tongue, grooved and ends-matched for easy fitting.

Prime Grade Oak Flooring

Selected for colour grain and texture, to be as even as possible with no Brown Oak, free of sapwood, surface checking and end splits. Some quarter sawn figured boards may be included. Occasional small sound knots may be included up to a maximum of 20 mm diameter.

Character Grade Flooring

Selected to have a rich and variable colour, grain texture, including some Brown Oak. The stock features a range of pin knots, “cats paws”, small knot clusters and occasional larger knots which may be starred. Some quarter sawn figured boards may be included, and there may be some surface checking present. Limited sound sapwood allowed on the face, not exceeding 5% of the face area. Ends free of splits.

Rustic Grade Oak Flooring

Similar to Character but allowing more and larger knots, including open, split and starred knots. Surface checking and some opening of the end grain may be present, as well as through splits. Very variable and wild colour, grain and texture variation. Sound sapwood up to 20% of face, unlimited on reverse, with occasional (dead) wormhole permitted.

Our Oak Flooring

We stock flooring in the following standard sizes:

Choosing the right oak flooring can be difficult decision. Hopefully the quick guide above proves of use, but should you have any questions about our hardwood flooring range or any other products then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Alternatively, should you wish to purchase hardwood flooring then you can do so by calling our sales office on 01455 209121 or by visiting the oak flooring section of our online shop.