Exotic Hardwoods: Guide to Purpleheart Timber

Here at Whitmore’s Timber we have acquired a lovely range of exotic hardwoods from our friends over at Good Timber, including Pau Rosa, Padouk, American cherry, Teak and many more. One that we are particularly excited by is Purpleheart timber.

Properties and Uses

Purpleheart timber is an exotic hardwood which comes from many places around the globe including South America, Trinidad and Panama. It is otherwise known as Violet wood or Amarant.

Before being cut the colour of the wood is a light grey with a hint of brown, however once cut it turns purple very quickly. This heartwood is known as being straight grained with an interlocking pattern.

Purpleheart is one of the most firm and the hardest woods around. It is also very durable and can therefore be used in cabinetry, woodturning, furniture, longbow making and sea defense work.

Purpleheart timber’s highly appealing appearance is why many people choose to work with this wood.

Our Range of Purpleheart Timber

If you haven’t worked with Purpleheart timber before then why not start now! We have a range of shapes and sizes in stock as part of our range of exotic hardwoods.

Woodturning bowl blanks:

Bowl blanks can be crafted into many items such as bowls, platters, dishes and vases.

Woodturning Spindle Blanks:

Turning blanks can be crafted into gear knobs, tool handles, rulers and much more!

Sawn Boards:

Purpleheart timber boards can be crafted into great pieces of furniture with an elegant finish which you will not be disappointed with!

To view our range of Purpleheart products and more exotic timbers please feel free to visit our online shop or by coming to our Claybrooke Magna site. We also now stock finishing products from waxes and oils to stains and lacquers!