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Whitmore’s Timber are a long established hardwood and softwood timber supplier in the UK with decades of experience and a focus on quality. Following many timber acquisitions over the years, a wealth of knowledge remains within the company with over 300 years combined hardwood and softwood trading experience enabling us to supply everything you need.

Using our on-site stocks of timber, kilning, milling and machining facilities at our own premises in Leicestershire and Cheshire, we are able to offer a rapid turnaround and nationwide delivery on all our hardwood timber, softwoods, and timber products.


Whitmore's Processing & Kilning

We are a single source partner with £2.7 million pounds of stock holding at sites in Cheshire and Leicestershire. Whitmore’s have an extensive and impressive range of quality, sustainably sourced, selected hardwood timber and serve many markets from construction, joinery and restorative work to furniture production and boat building.


From purchasing the right material to stringent quality control for exceptional quality European and English oak, hardwood timber and softwood, we pride ourselves in our timber selection. Through and through or cut with one square edge, our longest and straightest seasoned logs are allowed to stabilise for two to five years. Many larger oak logs are traditionally quarter sawn. All of our timber is air-dried before kilning.

In addition to selecting and grading timbers to your cutting list we are able to offer a full bespoke cutting service. Our skilled machinists are able to cut boards to your required sizes to help you achieve your final objective with minimum effort.

If sawing just isn’t enough then we can also cross-cut boards to your finished dimensions to assist you with the final fitting.

While it is technically possible to kiln dry timbers fresh cut from the log, for other technical and economic reasons it is normally desirable to kiln dry wood which has been firstly air dried.

We pride ourselves in being able to supply all English hardwoods including English Oak, although some may take longer than others to source, so come and talk to us at the earliest.

For more bespoke jobs we offer self-selection service, this is conducted alongside one of our experienced graders who will be on hand to assist you with any requirements or questions.

We currently operate four appointments a day, each appointment lasting 2 hours so that you have plenty of time to get the boards that are right for you.

Should you wish to book an appointment you can do this by contacting our reception on 01455 209121.

*Please note that this service is only available at our Claybrooke Magna site.

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