Featured Product: Balau Timber Decking

Balau (Selangan Batu) timber decking is a popular structural hardwood sold in accordance with Malaysian grading rules.

We stock Balau timber decking in the form of a ready machined product suitable for immediate installation in a variety of different applications, from heavy marine usage such as boardwalks and pontoon decks through to garden walkways along with patio areas.

The natural durability of hardwood coupled with inherent strength properties ensures a long lasting product that will remain serviceable from many years to come.

Our Balau Timber Decking

We currently stock Balau decking in the following sizes:

We stock lengths between 2.40m – 4.57m (8′ – 15′).

Sometimes small pinholes maybe present, but these are not a defect (PHND).

Should you have any questions about our Balau decking or any other products then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, should you wish to purchase Balau decking or other timber decking then you can do so by visiting our online shop.