6 Stunning Uses of Oak Beams to Create Rustic Charm in Your Home

From stylish wooden decking to stunning gazebos and pergolas, solid oak beams are the key to building a sturdy structure that’s as strong and robust as it is striking, providing much-needed shelter come rain or shine, so you can enjoy your home to its full potential whatever the weather.

And it’s not just your garden space that benefits. There are plenty of other ways to enhance your living space with solid oak beams, both inside and outside, that you might not have previously considered.

In fact, there’s plenty of ways to create your own rustic oak furniture and fittings packed with charm and character, whilst avoiding the cheap quality and hefty prices you’ll find on the high street. Read on to learn more.

Decorative Ceiling Beams

Perhaps the most obvious domestic use of solid oak, at least inside, is for beams across ceilings, otherwise known as summer beams or faux beams. Their old-fashioned yet striking appearance makes them particularly prominent in homes and cottages favouring a more traditional appearance, and they tend to be most frequently installed in kitchen and main living areas. 

But these structural oak beams aren’t just stunning to look at, they were originally introduced to enhance structural support during the building process. Although that’s not the case with faux beams that are installed later on, they’re great to look at and can actually be installed in near enough any home.

Gate Posts

It might not sound particularly exciting but wooden gate posts are arguably the most visually attractive when compared to their various metal counterparts. And of those, oak beams are renowned for their strength and sturdiness. From driveways to other larger sections of land such as fields or farmyards, oak timber gate posts are stylish and long-lasting against the UK’s adverse weather conditions.

Fireplace/Mantel Pieces & Floating Shelves

A little more obscure but equally impressive, oak beams make for perfect fireplace mantelpieces that create as much atmospheric warmth as the fire itself. Packed with an abundance of rustic charm and character, they can also be used for general fire surrounds. 

Simple to fit with beautiful aesthetics, the striking characteristics of natural wood means oak beams make for equally stunning floating shelves that will positively add to the atmosphere in any room.


If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen or you’re in need of a new worktop for your garage workshop, you should look no further than European oak beams. Once sanded down, oak worktops are durable with a strong grain, adding even more character to a surface with already naturally appealing aesthetics.

As well as selling oak beams separately, you can also order finished oak worktops directly from Whitmore’s. For prices and availability, please contact our customer support team on 01455 209 121.

Wooden Planters

Wooden planters are a great way to breathe fresh life into gardens and outdoor living spaces. And what better way to create a truly sustainable look and feel than with your own handmade oak garden planter, produced from natural European oak timber?

Solid oak beams are ideal for trough planters due to their durable and weather-resistant qualities and natural appearance.

One of the advantages of creating your own wood planter boxes is that you can tailor them to your preferred length. This means you can create long planters to accommodate all kinds of plant life, creating bursts of colour that will bring your garden space to life.

Garden Table & Bench Sets

Undoubtedly one of our favourite applications, oak beams and sleepers are perfect for creating beautiful handmade pieces of rustic garden furniture with that sought after ‘chunky wood’ feel.

The natural wood aesthetics of oak hardwood makes it the standout choice for garden tables and benches that are as sustainable as they are stylish.

Bursting with character, solid oak furniture is perfect for enjoying the summer months and durable enough to endure the winter weather.

Feeling Inspired? 

At Whitmore’s Timber, we offer a wide range of oak beams for sale to suit all projects and requirements, with shipping available across the UK directly from our timber yard at Claybrooke Magna. All of the oak beams in stock have been drying for a minimum of 3 years.

To buy, simply contact our dedicated customer support team contact form or call 01455 209 121 and our experienced team will be happy to provide a full quote, as well as providing any further advice or information that you may require.