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Whitmore\'s Shop

Woodturning Supplies

At Whitmore’s Timber we provide a huge range of precisely crafted woodturning supplies that range from lignum vitae logs to bowl blanks and spindles. We have an extensive timber yard and many active buyers working to source the highest quality wood. As such, we can supply woodturning supplies in a wide range of species.

As with all our products, quality is assured. With supplies from Whitmore’s Timber, you can take your woodturning projects to the next level and create truly stunning pieces. The possible uses for our woodturning woods are endless; they can be used for the crafting of wooden bowls, platters, candle holders, oil lamps, and more.

We also sell a range of wood carving supplies that includes Jelutong, European Lime, and European Oak which is ready for carving.

Lignum Vitae Woodturning Supplies

As one of the hardest and heaviest woods available, and a self-lubricating material, lignum vitae is something of a rarity and is the only material suitable for many applications. The trading of Lignum Vitae is heavily restricted, and we are one of the few suppliers in the UK who hold a license for its importation. All of our hardwood, including lignum vitae, is sustainably and ethically sourced by our experts.

Woodturning Supplies

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