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Oak Skirting Boards

In any home, it’s the finer details like the skirting boards that make a real difference to the overall look and feel of a room. When it comes to choosing skirting for your home or project, hardwood skirting boards are the obvious choice for nearly every project.

Our selection of oak skirting boards provide high quality hardwood timber at an affordable price for everyone. There’s no middle man, meaning our skirting boards are shipped straight to you from our state of the art timber mill in Leicestershire.

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Since we keep a large range of timber in stock and machine all products in-house, we are also able to produce hardwood skirting in a wide range of other woods. Our hardwood timber experts can also create bespoke profiles to any specification. If your project involves an uncommon shape skirting board, we can produce high-quality new skirting to match. For more information please contact us.

Why Solid Oak Skirting Boards

Solid oak skirting boards are by far the most popular boards that we sell. We use only the best prime grade oak. Which is kiln-dried to achieve a low average moisture content of 8–10%. This helps to ensure that the skirting retains its shape and is both easy to fit and maintain.

You can now buy various types of our oak skirting boards online. Available modes include our popular Bullnose oak skirting, with Chamfered, Ogee and Torus profiles also in stock and ready to ship. Our Torus/Bullnose reversible dual profile oak skirting offers a flexible solution and can be used for hiding unsightly cables.

Fitting Oak Skirting Boards

All of our solid oak skirting boards are supplied with a smooth machined finish – just apply the finish of your choice to achieve the desired effect. We recommend using varnish or specific wood finishing oil, such as Danish oil, to allow the natural grain of the wood to show through.

To fit solid oak skirting, measure each length that you will need and cut the edges such that the boards will meet seamlessly at each corner of the room. Use masonry nails or screws (drilling pilot holes and fitting rawlplugs first) to fix the skirting boards to the walls. Make sure that you avoid any pipes, wiring, or wall studs. You could also use a strong wood adhesive like Titebond Wood Glue.

Our Oak Skirting Boards

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