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Cedar Shingles & Ridges


We hold stocks of competitively priced Blue Label cedar shingles with accompanying ridges, used for roofing applications.

This type of smooth sawn, architecturally uniform cedar shingle is preferred for its natural and tailored appearance. In addition, wooden shingles are both lightweight and environmentally friendly; we acquire all our wood from sustainable sources.

Cedar shingles are used on traditional, modern, and non-residential structures including oak and timber framed buildings. They are naturally insulating and weather resistant, and can be used on either roofs (with pitch as low as 14 degrees) or sidewalls without issue. Thanks to the unique properties for cedar, only minimum maintenance is required. Left untreated, cedar shingles will age to a beautiful silver colour and can be expected to last for forty years or more.

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Our Cedar Shingles

Clear Area: All
Sapwood: None
Flat Grain: None
Checks: None
Defect Size: None
Length: 15” or more
Exposure line: 5”
Width: 4” or more
Under size percentage: 10%
Minimum: 3”
Off parallel: ¼”

Our cedar shingles are delivered in bundles, each of which contains enough wood to cover 25 square feet.

Blue Label Shingles

Blue Label shingles hold the registered trademark of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau Association. Customers can therefore rest assured that they are getting a high grade product that can withstand adverse weather conditions, like those that we experience in the UK. Only blue label shingles should be used for roofing applications.

For information about installation, maintenance and many other areas please visit the Cedar Shake & Shingles Bureau web site.

Cedar Shingles and Ridges For Sale

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