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Hardwood Handrails

High quality hardwood handrails add a practical and stylish touch to any staircase.

Our hardwood handrails are supplied with a smooth machined surface, ready for you to apply the finish of your choice. They can be painted to match the décor of any room, or finished with a clear coat to showcase the natural gain of the hardwood handrail.

Hardwood Handrail Profiles

Pigs ear profile handrails fit to the wall, require no brackets, and are straightforward and easy to install. This flexibility in design and ease of installation prompts many to choose pig ear handrails for their staircases. Mopstick profile handrails, on the other hand, sit proud of the wall and offer a slightly different (but equally attractive) look.

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Our Handrails

Whitmore’s Timber has a great range of hardwood handrails available to buy online made from prime grade oak and ash. All of our handrails have been kiln-dried to maintain an average moisture content of 8-10%. Shop now.

To complement our standard handrails, we keep oak spindles in stock and ready to buy online. Since all our products are machined in-house, and we have a large selection of expertly sourced hardwoods, we can also manufacture spindles from ash or any other hardwood to order and produce matching stringers for any handrail.

Hardwood Handrails for Sale

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