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Oak Architrave

Oak architraveWe are experts in producing high quality hardwood products, combining years of experience and expertise in the industry with the best quality hardwood timber available anywhere. Our oak architrave sets are no exception.

Whatever aesthetic you are seeking, it can be achieved with oak architrave. The versatility of hardwood timber in this respect is simply unparalleled. We sell two pack sizes of door architrave to accommodate single and double doors. Each pack includes enough timber to frame one side of the respective door size.

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Why Oak Architraves

Oak architrave gives a character that cannot be matched. Hardwood timber products are also considerably better quality than cheaper alternatives from high street DIY shops. We use prime grade white oak, which is kiln-dried to an average moisture content of 8 – 10% to reduce warping. Because we produce our oak architrave in-house we are able to offer it to you at a much cheaper price than our competitors while still providing the high quality associated with oak and other hardwoods. Nationwide delivery is available on all our architrave sets.

Our oak architrave pairs perfectly with our oak skirting boards, which are also available for purchase online in a range of different profiles.

Fitting Oak Architrave

All our door architrave sets are sold ready for you to apply your chosen finish (though some light sanding may be required). Use a clear finish to showcase the natural gain patterns of the wood.

Fitting oak architrave is relatively straightforward. The sets that we sell come with two vertical pieces and one horizontal piece of the appropriate length for either double doors or a single door. You will need to measure the exact height and width of your door and cut the the pieces to length at a 45 degree. Your architrave can be fitted using masonry nails, screws, or a strong wood adhesive.

Oak Architrave Profiles

Bullnose oak architrave

We keep oak architrave sets in stock in four of the most popular profiles: bullnose profile, torus profile, ogee profile, and chamfered profile.

All our architrave sets are produced by us, in-house at our state of the art timber mill. If you are looking for a different profile to those that we keep in stock, whether you need an architrave set in an unusual profile or a completely custom profile that exists nowhere else in the world, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to help.

We keep a large range of hardwood timber in stock, so if you require something other than oak architrave please get in touch. Equally we are also able to produce non-standard length pieces.

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