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Joiners & Shopfitters

Whitmore’s for Joiners & Shopfitters

For interior or exterior joinery, Whitmore’s have a comprehensive range of species suitable for joinery which are fashionable in today’s market. Stringent quality standards for the hardwood we buy and strict control over sawing, drying and machining are your guarantee of quality.

Buying from prime forest stands in England, Continental Europe and from the best forests of North America ensures that Whitmore’s starts with the right material for exacting joinery standards. Whitmore’s has a strict environmental policy with regard to sourcing hardwood from sustainably managed forests, which you can review on this site.


Whitmore’s exercises great care over the seasoning of hardwood, both air seasoned and kiln dried. Logs are sawn through or with one square edge, and then seasoned. Some of the larger logs, especially the longest and straightest, are set aside to mature for two to five years.

Whitmore’s Timber is air dried in our extensive yard and undercover. Care is taken to keep species requiring slow drying protected from high winds and sun to minimise face checking, end splits and distortion.

Covered storage is mainly used for less durable woods such as beech, sycamore, hornbeam and lime which may also require stacking precautions to retain good colour.


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