English oak worktopThe richness and beauty of a high quality hardwood timber worktop is unrivalled, and Oak hardwood worktops will complement both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Hardwood timber kitchen worktops are extremely hardwearing and durable and are not difficult to look after; just follow these simple tips and they will continue to look their best indefinitely.

Keep your oak and hardwood worktops dry

A well maintained hardwood timber worktop will be water resistant but not waterproof, so any spillages should be wiped up as soon as possible. Pay special attention to the area around the sink, which is particularly prone to splashes.

Take care with pots and pans

We would not recommend putting a hot pot or pan directly on any kitchen worktop, but it is absolutely vital that you do not do so with a hardwood timber worktop. Instead, use a trivet, which can be purchased cheaply from any kitchen supplies shop.

It is also best not to store your pots and pans directly on your hardwood timber worktop, even when cold, as over time the metal can start to adversely react to the wood. A pan stand will not only keep your Oak or other hardwood worktop looking like new, but it will also look much tidier than leaving pots directly on the cabinet!

Don’t prepare food directly on your worktop

Protect your worktop from scratches and marks by preparing food on a chopping board.

We recommend that you take care not to damage your hardwood timber worktop, but in the real world accidents in the kitchen can happen. Restoring a damaged hardwood worktop to its original state is quite straightforward, simply sand it back and refinish it with Danish oil.

Regularly clean and oil your hardwood timber worktop

Worktop#2Keep your worktop clean and refresh the Danish oil finish as required. You do not need to buy a special cleaning product for your hardwood timber worktops, simply wipe the worktop with diluted washing up liquid and thoroughly dry. To replenish your worktop’s finish apply a thin coat of Danish oil with a lint free cloth and allow to dry naturally. Repeat as required to maintain the luxury appearance of your worktop and keep it protected against damage.

No other worktop gives the same warm and authentic look as a genuine solid hardwood timber worktop. All of our worktops are sold pre-sanded, and are individually boxed to ensure that they reach you undamaged. Full fitting and care instructions are included.

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