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Oak Structures

Oak Framed Buildings

Whether it’s a traditional look you’re seeking – or a more contemporary style – oak framed buildings enhance any property and add value to your home. From traditional cart lodge style garages to garden offices and porches, we have a range of self-assembly structures available for you to personalise to your own requirements.

Our oak framed structures are all sustainably sourced from French Oak and are available with PEFC certification.

Using a centuries old design, the structure is supplied ready for construction using the traditional method of draw pegged mortise and tenon joints with curved knee braces and a variety of vaulted roof structures. All timber framed buildings are individually CAD designed for a perfect fit.

We have a range of roof shingles, decking, cladding and flooring to help you finish your project.

Oak frames are natural materials and as such, may display certain characteristics which are normal and expected. Due to the nature of oak, shrinking and cracking are all part of its character.

Oak will weather to a beautiful silvery grey colour over time and any joinery, hinges or weatherboard may require ongoing maintenance and decoration for optimum performance.

Why not come along and have a look?
We have an oak timber frame assembled at our Claybrooke Magna site – or you can view a completed structure nearby.

To find out more information or to discuss your requirements call us on 01455 209121 or contact our sales team on sales@whitmores.co.uk

Structure Specification Guide
Model Width (metres) Length (metres) Height without wall (metres) Overall Area (m2)
A01 3.23 6.00 3.75 19.40
A02 6.23 6.00 5.74 37.40
A03 9.23 6.00 5.74 55.40
B01 3.23 6.00 3.75 19.40
B02 6.23 6.00 5.76 37.40
B03 9.23 6.00 5.76 55.40
C01 3.12 5.00 3.42 15.60
C02 6.00 5.00 3.65 30.00
C03 8.88 5.00 3.65 44.40
D01 3.12 5.00 3.71 15.60
D02 6.00 5.00 3.65 30.00
E01 4.00 4.00 3.80 16.00
E02 4.00 4.00 3.80 16.00
E03 3.35 3.35 3.92 11.20
G01 3.29 3.29 2.45 10.80
G02 6.43 3.29 2.45 21.20
G03 9.58 3.29 2.45 31.50

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