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Engineered & Laminated Timber

Laminated Timber Components

The laminating facilities at our Claybrooke Magna site are able to laminate timber sections of up to 300mm x 300mm x 4.50m.


Why Use Laminated Timber?

Laminated timber is becoming ever more popular within the construction industry. Due to the way it is manufactured and its unique properties, it has become a common alternative to steel, concrete, and solid hardwood in engineering and architecture.

Constructed in layers, from smaller pieces of wood, we are able to manufacture laminated timber sections in any dimension up to 300mm x 300mm x 4.50m. This makes it the ideal option for creating unusual elements, bespoke shapes and designs. Laminated timber is therefore the perfect choice to fulfill the specific requirements of your construction project.

In addition to this, laminated timber does not mean compromising on design. Laminated timber gives a similarly warm and pleasing aesthetic to solid wood, the preferable choice for exposed beams compared to the harshness of steel or concrete. It does however have a number of different properties that also make it desirable for beams. Laminated timber beams are lighter than other constructional timbers, and can be produced in a wider variety of shapes and sizes. They are also more stable as they are less prone to distortion from expansion and contraction, and are more resistant to fire than solid hardwood.

Laminated timber is also ideal for the more environmentally conscious. Since it can be constructed from smaller pieces of wood, it is a very sustainable building material. The manufacturing process is quicker than that of steel, making it more energy-efficient. Laminated timber is therefore the ideal extremely environmentally friendly option and a great alternative to plastics. Made from renewable sources, laminated timber has risen dramatically in popularity in the last ten years and has been dubbed the future of low carbon construction.

Not only does the manufacturing process of laminated timber make it more environmentally friendly but it also makes it more affordable than alternatives such as steel. It is easy to work with, and can be machined using hand tools, and usually takes less time to fit than steel. This means that you can also save money in terms of labour and time.

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Laminated Timber Coffin Tops

We also regularly produce colour matched laminated timber Red Oak coffin boards. These are available in both 610mm & 710mm widths, 2.10m and longer. Should you require larger sections producing please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are able to glue to individual customer requirements on request.

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