With summer around the corner and the sunnier, or at least dryer, weather slowly starting to return, now’s a good time to crack on with all the outdoor elements of property maintenance that you’ve probably been putting off since the same time last year.

If your list of chores includes any roofing or cladding work, whether that’s repairs and restoration or you’re undertaking a fresh project, you should look no further than cedar shingles.

Why Choose Cedar Shingles?

Widely regarded as the best wood for shingles, cedar wood is ideal for a whole host of building projects and purposes, from summer houses, gazebos and stable roofs, to more general building work such as roofing for homes and sheds, as well as wall cladding.

Western red cedar shingles are generally the preferred choice of shingles due to their pleasing aesthetics, alongside more practical reasons such as their light weight. The lifespan of cedar shingles can also be as many as 30-40 years due to their long-lasting, robust qualities and natural durability.

It’s worth noting, however, that this can be influenced by several factors, like the quality of installation and weather and climate.

With this in mind, it’s generally encouraged to apply a good wood preservative to your roof or cladding every few years to help combat rotting and mould.

You’ll find a variety of good quality cedar roof treatment products in our range of finishing projects.

Cedar Shingles vs Shakes

Although the appearance of cedar shingles and cedar shakes is similar, there are some differences between the two.

Identifying the best option for your project largely comes down to preference, but there are a few things to keep in mind that may influence your decision.

Firstly, shingles and shakes have almost opposite finishes, with shingles providing a smoother surface as a result of traditional manufacturing methods, in contrast to shakes which tend to have a rougher texture.

Shingles are also often seen as the more viable option due to costings. This is because the manufacturing costs of shingles are much lower than for shakes, leading to prices that can be up to 50% cheaper.

In colder climates, shingles can provide a good level of insulation due to their stackable qualities, which is one reason why they are so popular for log cabins and cottages.

Blue Label Cedar Shingles

It’s important to make sure that the shingles you purchase are of good quality and meet regulatory standards.

Blue Label shingles hold the registered trademark of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau Association and are 100% heartwood, 100% edge grain and 100% clear, so you can relax knowing you’re getting a high-grade product that can withstand the UK’s adverse weather conditions.

You should remember that only blue label shingles should be used for roofing applications, and never red or black label products.

Whitmore’s Timber only stocks the highest standard of industry approved, blue label cedar shingle products that are available to purchase from our online store now.